Brevard teen hit by car; driver likely to only face driving without a license

Sarah Gravley, 14, was badly injured while riding a skateboard. (Photo credit: Gravley family)

A teenage skateboarder who was taken to the hospital after being struck by a car Friday is expected to recover, Transylvania County authorities said Saturday.

Authorities have identified her as 14-year-old Sarah Gravley.

According to her dad Jason Gravley, she had emergency surgery after being airlifted to Mission Hospital in Asheville.

Gravley claims both tires went over his daughter's leg.

"Sarah's extremely athletic and now she has two rods in her legs and a plate in her knee with screws in it," said Mr. Gravley. "It got her pretty good."

The accident happened at the intersection of Hillview Circle and Hillview Avenue in Brevard. The teenager was visiting her grandmother.

Brevard Chief Phil Harris said the driver is charged only with driving without a license, and there likely will not be any other charges.

Chief Harris said the driver had the right of way when turning left on Hillview Avenue from Hillview Circle. There's no stop sign where the driver was turning and several witnesses have told police they didn't see Sarah Gravley stop on Hillview Avenue, where she did have a stop sign.

"Instead of swinging wide into the road, she came across the sidewalk and caught Sarah," claims her father.

Whether or not the driver cut the turn too close has yet to be determined.

"One of the things we've been looking for is a black mark from the tire," said Chief Harris. "It goes up on the curb and leaves a mark. If it happened last night, if it went up on the curb you would expect it to still be there."

Sarah's father claims the driver ran over her skateboard, her leg, and the sidewalk where her sibling and cousins were.

Witnesses say that isn't the case.

Chief Harris also says there's no indication the driver was speeding. He says skateboarders aren't supposed to be in the roadway to begin with.

"A skateboard is not a car. It's not a vehicle," said Chief Harris "A bicycle is considered a vehicle by our state law, a skateboard is not."

Sarah Gravley will be in the hospital at least until Monday.

Her recovery will take several months.

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