Transylvania NAACP Holds Vigil for Peace and Tolerance

BREVARD, N.C. -- People in a mountain community responded to recent racial tension at their high school with a vigil for peace and tolerance on Tuesday.

Dozens attended the gathering outside of the Transylvania County courthouse.

Speakers addressed how differences between people and cultures can lead to fear and sometimes inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.

Some in the crowd were parents like Lauren Agrella-Sevilla who are trying to determine what to do.

"We've got a lot of gaps in our understanding of one another and a lot of hatred," Agrella-Sevilla said. "To see it manifest in our kids is discouraging, and it's also a call to action, to figure out what needs to happen, to create a more loving community, where kids are looking at one another with open hearts."

It was young people involved in the trouble at Brevard High and young people were the focus at Tuesday's vigil.

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