Woman found chained in metal container in Spartanburg County speaks out for first time

Kala Brown, the woman found chained in a metal storage container on a Spartanburg County property, opened up to Dr. Phil, describing her two-month ordeal.

“My neck was in one corner. My ankle was in the other corner,” Brown said.

She said she and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, were going to Todd Kohlhepp’s property to do some work.

She said the two had performed other jobs for Kohlhepp, but this was the first one they did on his property.

“I was thinking about bringing someone else, because Charlie had to work on the day [Kohlhepp] originally wanted us to come. But he said since it was his personal property he preferred only that me and Charlie come. He didn't want anyone else knowing where he lived,” Brown said.

She said the two were told they’d be clearing underbrush. They were given equipment and water before Brown said Kohlhepp told them he had to get something.

When Kohlhepp came back outside, she said he started shooting.

“We were standing there, and I look up and I didn't realize what was going on at the time, but he walked out and had the gun in his hand and he pretty much shot Charlie before he made it completely out the door. And I just, I got lost. I didn't know what was going on. I just stood there,” Brown said.

She said the entire time Kohlhepp remained calm and level-headed.

“Todd put me on the ground and handcuffed me and handcuffed my ankles and put a ball gag in my mouth," Brown said. "And then he told me he had to go take care of Charlie, and then he left me there.”

Brown said Kohlhepp returned a short time later and put her in the storage container, where she remained for two months before being rescued by investigators.

“He said it was easier to control someone if you took someone they loved,” she said.

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