School bathroom video involving bullying victim who later committed suicide released

Carson school bathroom video released (Cincinnati Public School)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Cincinnati Public Schools has released some of the video surrounding an incident involving the eight-year-old Carson Elementary student, who later committed suicide.

The children's faces are blurred and with the stop-motion it's hard to see exactly what has happened. The video does appear to show a boy hit one boy and do something to another, that left that boy on the ground for several minutes. That boy was Gabriel Taye.

Taye's mother says her son killed himself two days after he was assaulted in the bathroom in January. Her attorney learned of the video.

The attorney for Gabe's mother said school administrators told her client that the boy had passed out, not that he was unconscious for seven moments or that he was assaulted.

Back when the incident happened, a spokesperson for Cincinnati Public Schools told Local 12’s Deb Dixon that the medical emergency involving Gabe did not involve him being thrown to the floor.

She took him to the hospital after he kept throwing up and the hospital sent him home. Gabe went back to school two days later. After school, he killed himself.

The Hamilton County Coroner said she is reopening the investigation into Gabe's suicide because of that video.

CPS officials have not said what happened to the student who pushed Gabe down.

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