Mitchell County man shows violent fight with girlfriend on Facebook Live

Ray Jones and Heather Pendley, of Mitchell County, made an appearance last month on Facebook. Now, both are facing assault charges.

Mitchell County Sheriff Donald Street has seen the video Jones posted of him and his girlfriend in a heated argument. Jones showed his bloodied nose and recorded Pendley throwing an object in his direction, as well as when he was holding her down during the fight Feb. 19.

“It’s embarrassing to both of them,” Street said. “It was just so, so terrifying to look at that the way these parties were going on.”

Jones took the video down, but many people saw it and commented on the sheriff’s Facebook page. However, others saw the video live and contacted the sheriff.

“It is the reason we're able to charge,” Street said. “And the help from the citizens that forwarded that email to my office was immense help to us close. They both need help on what occurred that night .”

Jones and Pendley face assault charges and have criminal convictions for other charges, including drug offenses, theft and for Jones a prior domestic violence conviction in Yancey County in 2013. Investigators said that case will impact sentencing on the latest assault charge for Jones.

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