Buncombe students learn about healthy eating during National Breakfast Week

This week, kids across the country are being encouraged to eat healthy and try new foods.

All this week, students in every Buncombe County school are taking part in a taste test, getting the chance to please their palettes with a new dish. They're sampling a Mexican breakfast casserole. It's filled with rice, cheese and beans.

Breakfast is served to 12,000 kids every day in the county schools, and students know it's important to start their day with a healthy dish. It can even be sushi for breakfast.

"It's good to eat fruit because if you didn't then you wouldn't be very strong or you wouldn't be very healthy, either," Aza said.

The recipe for the Mexican Casserole comes from the state's K-12 Culinary Institute.

If the overall reaction to the dish is positive, next year it will be served in all 43 Buncombe County schools.

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