Children learn to express emotion through music, painting

Music can affect your movement and your mood. Sounds can also get you in tune to what you feel inside.

Pre-school students in McDowell County learned about music and emotions through an art project.

Each time the music changed, the children changed the color of paint they used. The paint matched the mood the music put them in.

Teachers said many pre-schoolers have a hard time understanding emotions. They said, hopefully, this project helps them become more verbal about how they feel.

"Part of what we want to do is to be able to express themselves and to realize not everybody feels the way that you feel, and it's OK if it's different," teacher Monica Ray said.

The teachers at Pleasant Gardens Elementary came up with the idea for this project after reading "My Many Colored Days," which is a new Dr. Seuss book they just discovered.

After reading the book, they talked with the kids about the different feelings and emotions that can be associated with different colors.

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