Golfer offers Avery's Creek students advice about following their dreams

Jon Decker dreamed of playing on the PGA Tour, but his life took a turn and he became a successful teaching professional.

"But what was interesting was, when I was growing up, I was around these great people who would go on to do great things. And I saw what made them great. You know what it was? They all worked hard," Decker told students at Avery's Creek Elementary School.

And those great people he knew include Super Bowl winner Brad Johnson and basketball great Brad Daugherty. Decker went to school with them at Owen High in Black Mountain.

He shared his story with students at Avery's Creek because he wants them to study hard in school and set their dreams high.

"I want the kids to understand they can chase their dreams. They may not always go in the direction that we plan, but if they dream big, great things will happen."

Decker also encouraged the kids to understand they are a part of a community. And they should help those who can't help themselves.

"One of the things I tell people is, when you reach your goals, always give back. It is very important to give back," he said.

Decker has written a book about his journey and experiences teaching golf. He said, as a boy who grew up in Black Mountain he never imagined he would meet people like Tiger woods, Payne Stewart, Gale Sayers and Roy Williams.

So, remember, dream big!

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