Kids learn about healthy eating with farmers - and microgreens

Students at one pre-school are studying the life cycle of a plant. They're also getting a good idea of why it's so important to eat healthy.

"Microgreens" are all the rage--and some kids we talked to can't get enough of them.

Farmers Wes and Anna visited students at the childcare center of First Presbyterian Church in Asheville.

They brought tiny kale and sunflower plants with them. The local farmers explain that at this stage in their growth, the baby plants are packed with nutrients.

"I learned that vegetables and stuff and green stuff can make you feel really strong," said Lily, a student.

"It's just about getting kids encouraged to try new things, be adventurous," said Anna. "Plant their own seeds, harvest their own greens, and get out to the farmers markets."

Farmer Wes says in a week's time the kids should see some microgreens right in their classroom.

The kids also got to vote on favorite green: The kale or sunflower leaves.

The healthy eating class is part of the Farm to School program sponsored by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP).

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