Kids learn by programming robots at Hall Fletcher

Students at one Asheville city school are celebrating Digital Day--by programming a robot.

These kids are pretty darn good at it.

Students at Hall Fletcher Elementary School are using iPads to program robots like Dash.

The students write the code to create different shapes and angles for the robot to travel.

Students say sometimes it's hard to remember what to do, but they always have their teamates to help.

"It's important to take turns and to, like, share. Cause you gotta share," said Karod, a student.

"he critical thinking behind it is amazing," said Darcy Grimes, a teacher. "OK, now, if he's facing this direction, is it right or left, and how far does he have to turn? I mean it gets into those higher-order critical thinking skills."

The students can even program the robots to make music.

In the kindergarten classes they start with Dot and Dash, and are able to add on to their coding as they get into the upper grades.

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