Kids work on creativity at writing camp

Middle and high school-aged kids participate in a summer writing camp at UNC Asheville. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

This summer, many kids are spending time at the pool, riding their bikes or maybe traveling out of town.

However, there is a group of middle and high school-aged kids that are spending time in class -- working on their writing skills.

Teacher Delana Parker is showing students many different ways to write creative stories at a writing camp at UNC Asheville.

The campers said this is a golden opportunity to improve their creative writing skills.

"I want to learn more technical things about writing because I've not really had a real structured creative writing class," Avi said. "It's just always been something I've done. So, to learn some specifics would be nice."

One of the assignments was for the students to create a story by using only two sentences.

The creative writing camps are being held at UNC Asheville this summer. Click here for more information.

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