Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest: How to pair wine with cheese

Katie Moore of WNC Cheese Trail and Pete Fland of French Broad Vignerons share some tips on pairing WNC wines and cheeses. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

The Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest is one of the best spring events in WNC.

Tickets are available now for this year's event, which is Sunday, April 23 at Highland Brewery.

Nothing goes better with cheese than good bread, but a close second is wine.

Katie Moore of the WNC Cheese Trail, a consortium of farmstead and artisan cheesemakers in Western North Carolina, said the key is to pair a wine with the cheese that's similar in stature--a bold cheese needs a strong wine.

"You don't want a strong cheese and a soft wine," said Moore. "Then all you'll taste is the cheese, and the same goes the other way."

Pete Fland of French Broad Vignerons said WNC wineries are making excellent wines to pair with local cheeses.

Both Fland and Moore gave their expert advice on pairing wine and cheese, featuring some of the cheeses that belong to the WNC Cheese Trail and will be presenting at the Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest.

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