Post Hole Diggers: an Appalachian folk-punk-ragtime band

post hole diggers2.JPG

If you like your musical styles to cross genres and break molds, Post Hole Diggers could be your new favorite band.

"That's one of the hardest questions we get," said Mike Farrington, who sings lead vocals and plays tenor banjo. "I'd say we're a combination of Appalachian folk, punk and ragtime."

The Waynesville trio made up of Farrington and guitarists Sabastian Rathbone and TC Cheshire just released "Carolina Dirtbags," a six-song EP available on Spotify.

Farrington says the group "brings a classic "dirty thirties" sound with a more contemporary folk and blues touch to the table, incorporating a flair of rebellious 'punk rock' undertones and often including what some may consider disturbing and others very touching themes."

Check out the band on Spotify or on its Facebook page.

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