Henderson County principal shows students the power of something as simple as hello

Henderson County principal Peggy Marshall shows students the power of something as simple as hello. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Our Person of the Week is Peggy Marshall, principal of Sugarloaf Elementary, who believes in the power of hello.

She's the early bird who sometimes arrives at school in the thick of the fog, before the calm, before the storm.

"Awesome day!" she says, rushing out the door to meet the kids.

"Good morning!" she says to as many people she can.

"Good morning, girls! How are you? Shake your hands, there we go!" she told a little girl.

It's Marshall's morning ritual.

A bundle of energy.

"Got my gear on, my keys, got my smile on," she says with a laugh.

"How are you, Eric?" she says to one boy. "I like your hair, you guys look awesome today!"

"This is my fourth year at Sugarloaf, and from Day 1 I feel like for kids to have a good start to their school day they need to be greeted appropriately," explains Marshall.

"Good morning Bella and Liberty!" she says with gusto.

Simple greetings say a lot.

Marshall thinks back to when she was a little girl. Ever since, she's never let go of the power of hello.

"Well, I was an extremely shy child," she said. "So, my teachers had to see my potential."

Marshall has implemented a culture of caring. So, if she can't acknowledge every student, another greeter will.

"That kind of gets them in the mind set that they're cared about," she says.

Parent Jaclyn Lane called her out by nominating her for Person of the Week.

"She cried," Lane said. "I said,' I think that what you do for students is amazing, and I think you should be recognized for it and I'm calling WLOS.' She got all teary eyed and said I love my students and I love what I do."

"It was very touching," Marshall says. "Because that is what I strive to do is build those positive strong relationships."

When everyone's seated, her morning announcements drive home a message.

"Believe in yourself and in others," she announced recently. "Have an awesome day!"

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