Woman crochets afghans for newly diagnosed cancer patients

Doris Worthy has been crocheting afghans for years. She donates them to Mission Hospital's Cancer Center. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

This weekend, there will be many who have to celebrate Christmas in a hospital. It can be a difficult time for them and their loved ones.

For those facing cancer, News 13's Person of the Week, in a personal way, is giving a gift from her heart made by her own hands.

Doris Worthy has been crocheting afghans -- or as her daughter Jill calls them, "lapghans" -- for years.

This week she crocheted the 600th "lapghan," donating all of them to Mission Hospital's Cancer Center.

"I enjoy it, and I'm giving it to someone and hopefully they'll enjoy it," Worthy said.

They're given to patients in a program where they've only recently learned they have cancer.

"They're coming in newly diagnosed cancer, getting ready to start chemotherapy, which everyone is terrified," Debbie Crain, a nurse practitioner at the cancer center, explained. "At the end, we give them a choice to choose they one they want."

If anyone knows how it feels to be touched by cancer, it's Doris.

"My two sons died of cancer," she told News 13. "I guess I was trying to give back for losing two sons."

Her daughter Jill added, "That's what keeps her sane. That's what keeps her moving. You know, it gives her a reason to live."

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