Thanks to Teachers: Sherrie Howard 1/6/17

Fifth grade and math is not always an easy combination. But, Sherrie Howard, longtime math teacher at Koontz Intermediate School, has given some of her students a new love and confidence for math. "She understands if you make mistakes," says 10-year-old Marcella Montgomery, one of Howard's students. "and, she helps you, and also, she likes to joke around with the kids in our class." Marcella says she always liked math, but never loved it until Mrs. Howard's class. Today, the class tackles fractions, and has a lively class discussion on how to add the different fractions. Howard says these conversations help her students remember better.

Meanwhile, Marcella's mother, Denise Montgomery, a former math teacher and current principal at Avery's Creek Elementary is happy with her daughter's progress. "My daughter comes home every day and wants to do her homework," says Denise. "I don't have to tell her to do her homework. She starts on it automatically." "This is a crucial year for children to start deciding career choices for themselves," adds Denise. Now, Marcella is dreaming big, of a future career involving math. "Like veterinarian, teacher, all kinds of things like that," she says. Sherrie Howard says "It's very heartwarming, and it's very, very rewarding to see them succeed like they do, and get so excited about it."

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