Thanks to Teachers: Emma Hanna

Thanks to Teachers: Emma Hanna

Balancing the needs of each and every student can be tough, and one parent believes her child's teacher does it all.

We take you to a Buncombe County classroom today, for this week's "Thanks To Teachers".

"We're building gingerbread houses this year, which is why the floor is covered in candy, and my dress is covered in candy" says Estes Elementary School teacher Emma Hanna.

She has her 20 second-graders gathered around, for a contemporary take on a holiday classic.

"Let's read, the Ninjabread Man, so, the Ninjabread Man, it starts out with a really cool illustration. Try, try as best can, you can't beat me, I'm the Ninjabread Man."

Between the reading, lots of Q & A, and group participation, there's also some special attention for kids who need it.

"Miss Hanna isn't just an amazing teacher, but she's an amazing person, says Micaela Keating. She nominated Miss Hanna for "Thanks To Teachers", because of her help with seven-year-old, Aleah, Micaela's daughter who has ADHD. Micaela says focus and memory had always been major issues, until this school year.

Micaela says, "with Miss Hanna, she actually enjoys reading, she wants to read, she wants to read on the bus, she wants to read when she gets home. She's excited to learn, she comes home, she's like, we did this, and this, and this, and this, and this you know, everything, she's happy."

Miss Hanna says she believes the key is discovery of what individual students are best at, and encouraging them to help teach each other.

"We just try gravitating towards the strengths that they have, and that kind of puts them all on an equal plane, which is really nice," she says.

As far as her "Thanks To Teachers" nomination, Miss Hanna says "I've really been trying to kind of build this really good classroom community, and meet the needs of all my learners, so for somebody to come up and say, hey, she actually is doing that is, I mean it's awesome."

And it is obvious a room full second-graders thinks Miss Hanna's pretty awesome too, and that's why we say, "Thanks To Teachers".

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