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Saline Spray

Updated: Thursday, January 16 2014, 03:43 PM EST

A baby in North Carolina is now among more than 20 people statewide who have died from the flu this season.

Even though newborns can't get a flu shot, one local doctor picked up a simple technique in Colorado to keep youngsters healthier when germs are prevalent.

Here's News 13's Jay Siltzer with "the solution" in today's Health Alert.

"The best time to do this really is when the baby is in a sleepy state."

9-day-old baby Lucas is about to get added protection from Park Ridge Pediatric Hospital Doctor, Sandy Schorr.

Dr. Sandy Schorr, Park Ridge Pediatric Hospital, "we can't give flu shots to a baby until they're about a year old, so this is the best way I know -- besides good hand washing -- to keep a baby healthy."

Megan Bennett, new mom, "it helps him breathe better if he is congested."

But that's only the half of it.

Dr. Sandy Schorr, "it prevents colds, flu, ear infections, pneumonia, meningitis. In a nutshell, the nose is where germs and viruses start incubating before all those things happen.  So if you do nose washes twice a day, it washes away the problem before it starts."

A bottle of saline is fairly inexpensive, only about $6, and it stands to last a couple of months. When you figure what a doctor co-pay would cost for an emergency visit for a toddler, a year's supply of this stands to be cheaper.

One thing's for sure it can't hurt in a region plagued by flu, allergies and dry conditions.

Saline Spray

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