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STAR Program

Updated: Monday, February 24 2014, 08:38 AM EST
Cancer patients in the mountains are being treated with "STAR", survivor-ship training and rehabilitation.

The bright spot of the program, as News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us, is getting them back into life faster than ever.

"It takes determination because that's not easy."

Emma Jo Staton is a STAR patient in the Pardee Health STAR Program aimed at strengthening cancer patients before, during, or after treatment.

Emma Jo Staton, cancer patient, "I know I need to be accountable, or I will follow the line of least resistance."

Siobhan Gore, OT Pardee Health, "if more patients do this program, they are going to feel better quicker and build up their strength for the rest of their life."

The length of the star program varies from person to person. If a patient has undergone chemo, radiation and surgery, it's not out of the question rehabilitation could last six months.

In addition to exercise, there is physical therapy, even occupational therapy and education if needed, "we look if things are going up by over an inch."

Emma Jo learns first hand how to discover and and treat her lymphedema, a swelling consequence of her cervical cancer.

Gore, "it's life-long management. Once the lymphatic system is disrupted, it's something that has to be managed."

And the right moves, coupled with compression, are often the best medicine.

Staton, "you must go and on...That you can't just because you don't feel well stay there."

Most insurance will cover the cost of the STAR Program.STAR Program

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