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Fancy Flute

Updated: Tuesday, January 28 2014, 03:16 PM EST
It's music with a message, and it's captured the kids attention with the very first note.

Isn't the kind of music that most kids listen to today.

Music maker Dave McCall is showing students how to play a Native American flute.  The former Green Beret has been playing the flute for three years.

McCall explains the history behind the instrument and encourages the kids to learn to play.

He says it's easy and you can buy a flute for only about $20.

McCall says the sound it makes is very peaceful and the students agree.

Before too long the demonstration at Mountain Community School turned into a jam session.  The former Green Beret taught himself to play the flute about 3 years ago, he also plays the banjo.Fancy Flute

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