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Hoops for Hearts

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 02:36 PM EST
At North Canton Elementary School students and teachers are going head to head in a basketball game, and they're not only playing for bragging rights.

5th graders are gearing up for their basketball game Hoops for Heart versus the teachers on Friday. It was suppose to be last Friday, but was postponed because of the snow.

The team is made up of 12 fifth graders who raised the most money for the American Heart Association. They brought in a whopping $950, just $50 shy of the entire school's goal of $1,000!

One of the best things, we were told by the school, is how many students asked if they could donate some of their own money. Lots of students actually said they money came out their piggy bank!

By the way the school raised over $5,000 beating their goal four times over.Hoops for Hearts

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