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Locks of Love

Updated: Wednesday, January 22 2014, 03:23 PM EST
One mountain librarian has come up with a hair raising idea to teach kids about responsibility.

In our Never Stop Learning report, we find out why this educator is a "cut" above the rest.

The school news cast began like all the others.  First  the pledge of allegiance, followed by the Johnston School pledge, and then the surprise announcement.

The media specialist has agreed to let the kids cut her hair on the news live on the air!  Eventually 12 inches will fall.

One of the motivating factors was to get the students at the school to return their over due library books but the sweetest reward is that the hair goes to Locks of Love.

Teachers say they're proud of their students for being compassionate and responsible.

Because of the "big snip", the number of over due books at Johnstons went from 498 to 143 in less than a week.Locks of Love

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