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The Giving Tree Mural

Updated: Thursday, January 16 2014, 02:05 PM EST
A PTO project is turning into quite a pretty picture at one mountain middle school.  It's a tree that continues to give, even though it's never lived.

The Giving Tree is starting to take root at Asheville Middle School.

8th graders are using paint to say thank you to the people who have financially supported the school.

The PTO asked the students to come up with a way to recognize donors for years to come so they created this magnificent mural.

They're  breathing life into a brick wall and watching it grow.

Ms. Carney says her students approached the project like a business proposal.

They learned what it is to have a client and how to meet their needs in a creative way.

Once the students have completed the project the PTO will have the final say on the mural.The Giving Tree Mural

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