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Carmon West

Updated: Monday, February 24 2014, 08:39 AM EST
Earlier this week a celebration was held for a man who is much loved and admired in his community.

For our Person of the Week, it was his birthday. But that's not the only reason more than 100 people turned out for a man who has always given more than he gets even as he faces cancer.

Everyone packed into the room shares a bond, a similar experience. They've all been helped by Carmon West.

"He does more than can ever be named in the community."

"Everyone in the community knows Carmon West."

For 40 years, Carmon West has volunteered at three different fire departments, Brevard, Lake Toxaway, and Balsam Grove, never receiving a dime for his work.

Carmon West, Person of the Week, "if I got paid it would have been a job and I wouldn't want to do it.  I just wanted to give it away."

Ken McCoy, friend, "I think there were 350 calls in Toxaway last year.  He was on 92% of them."

When he isn't fighting fires, he finds other ways to give.

Brian Kreigsman, deputy chief Transylvania Rescue, "he went to every emergency department in the whole county at different times and cooked a spaghetti meal for them."

"When the snow came last week he was driving around helping to scrape everyone's driveway."

He helps the elderly, provides free meals, and even prepared his own birthday dinner for all to enjoy.

Mark Willis, friend, "he wouldn't have anyone else do it.  He'd be embarassed to ask them to do it I think."

So he keeps giving, expecting nothing in return. His friends marvel because he continues to do so, even while facing the toughest of foes.  Marvin has bone cancer, "I feel like I've got a real good chance of beating this thing just being a positive person."

It's his best medicine and something he gladly shares with anyone who needs it, "he's just loved by everybody." 

"I'm just an old country boy.  I don't have fancy words, fancy machines.  I'm just overwhelmed by all the people that are here."Carmon West

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