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Debbie Briscoe Smith

Updated: Friday, January 31 2014, 11:57 AM EST

Our Person of the Week has at least a dozen sisters or more. They may not be related by blood, but they do share a faith and compassion for those in need. Every Friday, that concern for others turns into action in Rutherford County. It's changing lives.

With a prayer and a plan, it begins the same way every Friday.  They're not part of a church, but followers of faith that tells them to help those in need. A non-profit called Sisters In Christ.

Where they're going this day in Spindale, Sisters In Christ founder Debbie Briscoe Smith has been before.  Long before she started the "sisters" outreach.

"All the people I meet every week. We're all one bad decision away from being in a motel.  One bad decision away from being where these people are. I myself have been in these Motels that's the reason I'm out here," said Debbie Smith.

They help fill basic needs for people living in small motels in Rutherford County, including a meal and clothing.  It comes from donations from the community and from the sisters themselves who give more than their time.

They help people struggling with unemployment,  some with addictions. A troubled  life that's left them living in a small room they can barely afford.

"Everybody is going through a storm in life. They just needed a helping hand," said Smith.

Just like the one Debbie needed years ago.
"I look and I see myself on the other side of that door," said Smith.

She found herself living in a place just like this with no job and two children.  Debbie is also HIV Positive.

"When I look back and I look at people that are struggling and having a hard time I've been there.  Had an addiction. I have. Have I been lost, uh, huh," said Smith.
Her outreach began for those who are HIV positive. But the sisters were soon helping anyone who needs it, even helping them find more affordable housing.

To learn more about Sisters In Christ Restoration and Rescue Ministry, click here.

Debbie Briscoe Smith

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