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Felicia Buckner

Updated: Thursday, January 16 2014, 01:33 PM EST
Next week a young woman from Buncombe County will graduate from East Carolina University.

What makes her achievement remarkable is what she has gone through to reach this important moment in her life.

Person of the Week is inspiring people because of what she's overcoming
and her message of hope for anyone facing hardship.       

all the lessons to be learned in Mrs. Cox second grade class, none may
be greater than what's being taught by her teaching assistant, Felicia

Leslie Cox, teacher, "they have a lot of respect for her and they care for her well being and they applaud her accomplishments."

road to achievement has been long and painful, going back four years
ago to town mountain road.  With Felicia riding on a motorcycle driven
by her husband Jake. They crashed, sliding under a pick-up truck.  Jake
died and Felicia was left with brain trauma, a broken back, collapsed
lung, other injuries and years of rehab and therapy.

Despite her
loss and her struggles, Felicia Buckner has held on to a dream.  It was
something she had before the accident and now, it's about to come true.

Felicia Buckner, Person of the Week, "about only a few short days away.  I'll be graduating with my bachelor's in education"

finished student teaching yesterday at the very school she attended as a
child and graduates next week from Eastern Carolina University.

Lynn Krichbaum, Felicia's 4th grade teacher, "she has the hope and the
determination and the heart.  She had it all and she never lost it."

now she gives hope to all who know her story.  All who may not see
she's unable to even swallow, carries a cup to drain her saliva, and is
fed through a feeding tube to her stomach.

"I take it one day at a
time.  And a co-worker told me fall down seven, get up eight."   Fall
down seven, get up eight.  No matter how often you fall, you get up.

"You can't quit.  You fall down but you have to get back up.  Cuz only you can get up.  No one can do it for you."

think twice about some of the stuff you go through and you think this
lady has done done a phenomenal job in what she's overcome."

pursues a passion because it gives her life purpose, "my passion is
helping children and watching them learn and grow.  And it makes me

Felicia says God and the love of friends and family made
her recovery possible.  She plans to volunteer at Pisgah Elementary next
semester.Felicia Buckner

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