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Margaret Ann Bishop

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 08:43 AM EST
If first impressions last the longest then no one has made a stronger first impression at Mission Hospital than our Person of the Week.

For more than 40 years she has been a friendly face there to welcome and give guidance to visitors.

In fact, even though she's a volunteer you could say she's made a career out of helping others.

Since 1990, seven days a week, except sometimes at Christmas, "365 days a year, Margaret Ann is here.

If you need directions, she can tell you where to find just about anything.
Margaret Ann Bishop, Person of the Week, "well I've helped people get to the bathroom mainly.  That's one of the most important things."   

She does a lot more than that, from answering phones to dealing with mail and delivering flowers, she began helping out at mission in 1965.

"Helping guide the lost.  And let me tell you everybody's lost."

She's what you might call a professional volunteer. Doesn't earn a dime, but if she were to be paid, they'd owe her for 53,000 hours of work. That's like working more than six years, 24 hours a day.
Among the 700 volunteers at Mission, she is an icon.

Mary Jane Edwards, volunteer, "I think I'm being very noble being here one day a week.  I can't imagine being here seven."

Over the years, Margaret Ann Bishop has been recognized for her work, even got her own parking space.

But when she lost her husband she found she could give even more of her time.

Lisa Clontz, Mission Hospital employee, "I asked her not long ago why she never took a day off and she told me every day you get up you need a purpose to get up, and this is her purpose.  That's made an impact on me."

She's had an impact on perfect strangers, some who just needed someone to listen.

"People who have people who are actually dieing and we have to say something nice to help them over these trying times.  But I've enjoyed it."

Selena Kittrell, Mission Hospital director of volunteer services, "she loves the people.  Many, many people, not only staff but visitors come by and say are you still here?"

And at 92 years old, she wouldn't want to be anywhere else, "she makes a huge impact on people".

In a place where people come to get better, it often begins with Margaret Ann.

"I've just enjoyed giving my time for someone else.Margaret Ann Bishop

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