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Homeowner's Association Responds To Flag Controversy

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:21 PM EDT

We've got an update on a story that has caused a lot of outrage. We told you Wednesday about a Veteran in Mountain Home who says his Homeowners Association told him he can't fly an American flag on his front lawn.  The president of the Homeowners Association says it's not the flag that's the problem, it's the flag pole and the lights around it.

The flag in question is in front of Al Borchardts yard. The Air Force Veteran tells New 13 he put it up when he moved into Ridgeview, a gated community about a year and a half ago. Borchardt and his wife says their Homeowners Association told them the flag was too big and if they don't take it down they could face a fine of $100 per day.

Homeowners Association President Susan Kincaid says the problem is a 20 foot flag pole and bright lights installed around the base of the flag pole. Kincaid says when Borchardt moved the flag from the back of the house to the front, neighbors started complaining the lights were keeping them up at night. Kincaid says she asked Borchardt several times to take the flag down. Kincaid says its not easy trying to please everyone and the Homeowners Association clearly states free-standing flagpoles are against the rules.

The Ridgeview Homeowner's Association's flag policy applies to all flags, not just the American flag. They say they have no problem with flags that are attached to the houses.

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