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Which Polls Can You Believe

As we head into the early voting cycle you've likely been inundated by the media with polling data. But, one poll can often conflict with another. Take North Carolina for example. One poll has Romney up by four points another has Obama up by two points. It's a similar story in other swing states as well. "House effects" are when one polling company tends to lean more republican or democrat. Much of that is determined by the demographic they're polling and the questions they ask. Mass Communication professor Dr. Mark west says the polling data is not a reflection of any party preference. Pollsters that talk to likely voters as opposed to registered voters tend to paint a better picture of how the future is looking for a given candidate. The breakdown of the electoral map is a better indicator of how a candidate is doing as opposed to an overall national poll.

Which Polls Can You Believe

Wednesday, October 17 2012, 01:11 AM EDT

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