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Amazon Sales Tax

Updated: Tuesday, February 4 2014, 07:09 PM EST
Amazon will begin tacking on sales tax to purchases made by North Carolinians beginning February 1st.  The online retailer made the decision this past week doing an about face in it's efforts to prevent North Carolina from collecting the tax.

Amazon has been in an ongoing battle with the state since 2009.  It sued the state which tried to get the names of customers making online purchases from North Carolina.  Amazon won the case claiming it was a breach of privacy.  It's not clear why amazon has now given in to the state's demands to collect the sales tax.

Amazon customers don't seem to mind the added tax.  A public school teacher we spoke with says he shops Amazon "for the lower costs."  Adam Knapp says teachers salaries haven't been increased in years and he shops to save.  But he says "if the tax goes to the public coffers and I can get a raise, then I'm all for it."

By Frank Fraboni
Amazon Sales Tax

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