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Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Weather Advisory until noon Thanksgiving Day for Graham, Swain, N. Jackson, Haywood, Madison, Avery, Yancey and Mitchell counties, snow likely, with most accumulation above 3,500 feet.


Special Report: Digital Life After Death

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:23 PM EDT
Special Report: Digital Life After Death story image

Death is a fact of life, but dying in the digital age is altogether different. Even when a person passes away, their online presence remains. Many of people log on to our bank accounts, e-mail, and social media profiles every day. And sometimes your loved ones aren't prepared for your digital afterlife. They find it hard to access those accounts, and laws create a grey area for who actually owns the content you leave behind.

For more information about preserving your digital legacy, click here.

Special Report: Digital Life After Death
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