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App Chat: Aqueti Gigapixel Camera

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:26 PM EDT
Imagine being at a huge football stadium with thousands of people when a winning touchdown is scored.  There is a facial reaction from the players, marching band, opposing team, coaches, team families, cheerleaders and most importantly from the fans for both teams.  No one camera could capture all of the expressions throughout the stadium at that given moment until now.  Although you are one face among thousands, you can zoom in and see the detail of your facial expression at that precise moment and even see the logo on your shirt.

While this amazing $20 million research project out of Duke University won't fit in the palm of your hand yet, you can see the incredible pictures it takes online using your iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc.  Special to Asheville, the team will be back at Bele Chere taking pictures at the end of the month and posting for all to view.

See it here first on this week's App Chat segment on News 13 at Noon, Wednesday at 12:00.

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