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Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 08:29 AM EST
Barry Humphries from Verizon Wireless has gift ideas for your tech savvy friends. The gifts also are good for people who might be a little difficult to buy for because they just have everything.

Fatboy Charging Pillow ($59.99)
The new Fatboy Charging Pillow is the ideal travel companion to keep your smartphone charged and ready to go. There’s no need to plug in your phone, just lay your wireless charging capable smartphone on the pillow and charging instantly starts. Give your phone a quick power nap, pick it up and you’re recharged and ready to go. The Fatboy Charging Pillow easily charges over 50 smartphones from various manufacturers.
Ellipsis 7 Tablet ($249.99)
The Ellipsis 7 tablet has a small design that makes it perfect for holding with one hand and slipping into a purse or travel bag. It’s more convenient than a standard e-reader, as it’s a fully functional Android tablet. It’s a great size for watching movies on the go or video chatting with friends and family. For a limited time, buyers can get $100 off when purchased with a new 2-year contract, making it only $149.99.
Slingbox 500 ($299)
With the Slingbox 500, you won’t miss your favorite show or sporting event when you just can’t make it home. This gadget links your television to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just hook up Slingbox 500 to your TV’s cable box, DVR or satellite receiver, connect Slingbox to your home Wi-Fi and then watch live TV or recorded programs in 1080p high definition on your compatible mobile device.

Fitbit Force ($129.99)
The Fitbit Force accessory tracks your steps, distance traveled, steps climbed, and calories burned. It will also track the quality of your sleep and help wake you up in the morning. All the data is wirelessly uploaded to your computer or wireless device to help track your progress toward your goals.
Network Extender ($249)
The Network Extender is perfect for the homeowner who relies on a cell phone as a primary line and needs a stronger signal in and around their home. The Network Extender works like a miniature cell phone tower in the home and plugs into a high-speed Internet connection to boost cell phone service so you never miss a call and can stay connected in all areas of the home.
iPad Air ($529-$629)
The new iPad Air weighs just one pound. It has a power–efficient A7 chip with 64–bit architecture, and can deliver up to 10 hours of battery life. Gifts for People Who Have Everything

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