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Halloween Apps & Gadgets

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 08:28 AM EDT
Halloween is almost here and on News 13 This Morning the team takes a look at a few apps and gadgets that will help you have a ghoulish good time.

Barry Humpries from Verizon Wireless explains how smartphones and tablets offer thousands of ways to get you and your family in the Halloween spirit.

Here's details on these apps and gadgets:

Free Scary Halloween Ringtones (Free, Android)
This app is perfect for getting everyone in the Halloween spirit. It offers 45 free Halloween-themed ringtones and sounds for your Android device. So, if your party is interrupted by a phone call, at least your ringtone won't disrupt the scary mood.

Creepy Tales App (Free, Android)
This app is perfect for those hosting a Halloween sleepover for the kids or even a grown up costume party. The Creepy Tales App features over 100 short stories, tales, and urban legends to give everyone a fright.

Logitech Mobile Boombox ($99.99)
To keep the scary sounds coming for trick-or-treaters on your front porch, a wireless mobile boom box, is just the thing. The Logitech Mobile Boombox uses Bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone or tablet's creepiest playlists. This little speaker is small enough to hide amongst your Halloween decorations, but puts out serious volume and streams from up to 50 feet away.

Halloween Haunted House Finder (Free, Android)
If you’re looking for a Halloween adventure, try this Haunted House Finder to point you to your next spooky destination. This app can show you all the haunted houses in the United States, including their address, direction and website for more information.

Zombie Farm App for Tablets (Free, Android)
TV shows, movies, video games, and more have made zombies all the crazy right now. This app puts a new twist on zombie games. Zombie farm lets you grow and harvest your very own zombies, and even gives you the chance to fight other zombie armies!

Samsung Galaxy Camera ($549.99)
People send more picture messages on Halloween than just about any other night of the year! The Samsung Galaxy camera will allow you to snap high-quality photos.

This 16–MP camera features a powerful 21x optical–zoom lens with a twist: It runs on the Android operating system like a smartphone, which allows you to instantly share your photos via text message, email or social media over Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It’s a full–featured camera, only smarter.Halloween Apps & Gadgets

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