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Accused Robber's Husband Speaks

Updated: Friday, February 15 2013, 06:12 PM EST
A woman from Leicester is accused of robbing a bank.  Now, for the first time, we're hearing from her estranged husband.

Investigators charged Rachael Smith with common law robbery.
Police say she held up the First Citizens Bank on Leicester Highway on February 6th.

Her estranged husband, Matthew McKinney, says his wife is addicted to prescription drugs and that he left her just days before the robbery.

Surveillance cameras captured the hold up at the First Citizens Bank on New Leicester Highway.  Detectives say the woman under the hood was 28 year old Racheal Smith of Leicester.

Today, her estranged husband was still in shock over her arrest.  Matthew McKinney, estranged husband, "she wrecked my truck and then it messed up her back.. so  she  got prescribed pills and she just got hooked on 'em so bad she was got prescriped 240 of them and was eating them in a week and she was running out of money."

McKinney says Smith was even selling pills to make money to fuel her addiction, which is why he says he left.

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