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Alleged "Hit List" At Mountain School

Updated: Monday, March 25 2013, 08:45 PM EDT

It took only minutes for police to respond to Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy last Wednesday after school administrators learned of a possible threat at the grammar school.

The tip came from a sixth grade student who claimed a classmate said he had a list of people he wanted to kill.
"We did do an investigation and we have collected evidence," said Forest City Police Chief Jay Jackson.

The incident report states the crime was "communicating threats", and lists the victims as students and teachers at the school.

Jackson says the paperwork has been submitted to the Juvenile Justice System, because the student is a minor.

"Any action that's been taken from this point on will be the sole decision of the Juvenile authorities," said Jackson. Information regarding charges has not been made public.

"As it stands right now, that child is not at the school," said Jackson. Parents say the student hasn't attended since the incident.

Jackson says that based on the information he has, he would feel comfortable sending his child to the school.

"We are not talking about a case where child brought a weapon to school," said Jackson.

But some parents aren't so sure. A number of those that spoke with News 13 said they're worried, saying the school hasn't been straightforward about what happened, and that they've been largely left to figure it out for themselves.

Parents are also questioning what - if any - action will be taken and whether the student will return.

The only answer that's been made public so far came in a brief statement to News 13 from Headmaster Joe Maimone Tuesday, who said that "we are following all proper procedures in disciplining our students."

By Ashlea Surles
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Alleged "Hit List" At Mountain School

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