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Asheville Brown Water Complaints

Updated: Thursday, January 24 2013, 08:48 PM EST
Brown, discolored water.  That's what some Asheville water customers are getting when they open the tap.

As a precaution the city is warning people not to drink it.
It's all the result of some testing the city is doing to water lines.
They're sending cameras into two main water lines and that's stirring up sediment.

Workers are inspecting the inside of two major water lines in east Asheville., by sending a camera at the end of a cable into the line.
Ivan Thomas, Water Maintenance Superintendent, "they're putting a camera in there to basically tell whether there's any corrosion on the inside of the pipe, any damages to the inside of the pipe."

That's stirring up sediment in the large lines, one of which is nearly a hundred years old.

The project manager says the work could last through March.
The city is asking customers not to drink or use the brown water until it clears as a precaution.

They advise anyone getting the brown water to report it by calling 828-251- 1122.

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