Weather Alert

Freeze Warning, Frost Advisory

*Freeze Warning from Midnight until 9AM Thursday for all the WNC Mtns & Foothills, along with much of the Upstate.
*Frost Advisory from Midnight until 9AM Thursday for NE Georgia and the Western Upstate


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Asheville Emergency Response Team

Updated: Wednesday, February 12 2014, 07:05 PM EST
The City of Asheville has initiated their emergency operating center in response to the snow storm.

It takes a big weather event like this for the city to activate its emergency operations center.

Chiefs and department heads are all together right now figuring out the best way to keep everyone safe during this snow storm.

Inside the emergency operations center, set up inside the Asheville Fire Department, department heads from police, fire, public works, and the communications department are working together to get information out to the public as quickly as possible.

On a scale of one to 4 the city is operating at a level 2, that means high response and ready to respond when necessary.

Kelly Klope, Asheville Fire Department, "it's very important in situation like this, all departments come together, work together to get info out to City of Asheville."

The Asheville Fire Department says so far their have not been any serious accidents. They say that's thanks in part, to people listening to the warnings, and staying home and off the roads if they can.

If and when conditions do get worse, Mission Hospital says they have also activated their emergency response plan to make sure all of their essential staff can get into work safely tonight.Asheville Emergency Response Team

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