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Asheville Police Officer Assaulted

Updated: Wednesday, January 23 2013, 05:44 PM EST

An undercover officer is assaulted Wednesday night while watching a suspect outside an East Asheville smoke shop. Police say a suspect they believe was high on a designer drug became violent with the officer.  It started with a foot chase from the Innsbruck Mall and ended about a block away.

The officer needs assistance call came in at about 8 p.m. for units to respond to the area out in front of the Olive Garden restaurant. That's where the undercover cop and the man he was chasing wound-up.

Police say the fight actually started outside the Up In Smoke store. They believe the suspect had just finished purchasing a new type of synthetic drug, called Bizzaro. Police say the man then became confrontational.

Police say the man suffered a cut on his face and was taken to the hospital for treatment and observation. The officer involved had a bloody nose.

The suspect's name is not being released at this time. No charges have been filed yet.

By Frank Kracher
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Asheville Police Officer Assaulted

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