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Blueprint For Attacks

Updated: Monday, February 25 2013, 09:09 PM EST
Critics are calling a secret memo from Blueprint NC "shameful" and a violation of the law.  The liberal organization recently issued a confidential memo to it's partner groups describing their legislative agenda for 2013.  The Blueprint memo describes tactics and strategies using research that target Governor Pat McCrory and other conservative politicians.  It outlines ways to "Eviscerate, Mitigate, Litigate, Cogitate and Agitate" republicans in office.

Here's the response from the governor's office:

“One of Governor McCrory's goals has always been to inspire young people to get involved in public service. This type of shameful politics makes achieving that goal more difficult, and, at the same, undermines the Governor's efforts to bring all of our citizens together to solve North Carolina's problems.” –Crystal Feldman

Today Chairman Robin Hayes called for an immediate investigation into actions taken by the liberal Democrat group  “Blueprint NC” which is operating as a non-profit in Raleigh.  The NCGOP has filed formal complaints with the Internal Revenue Service and with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.  The political activity demonstrated by Blueprint NC is well outside the boundaries of a “charitable” organization with privileged tax status and is an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.  Last week, an internal strategy memo leaked to the public and outlined Blueprint NC’s coordinated effort among roughly 55 “partner groups” and elected officials with a two-year plan to “Eviscerate, Mitigate, Litigate, Cogitate, and Agitate” Republican leaders. 

Blueprint For Attacks

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