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Boom Mystery Solved

Updated: Friday, March 1 2013, 07:04 AM EST

A group of teens has been literally rocking Rutherford County. Residents made several 911 calls and Facebook posts Wednesday night reporting mysterious booms that were rattling windows across several communities.

Residents within about a five mile radius heard them. Many guessed the sounds were everything from a sonic boom, a plane to an antique cannon.

Turns out 19-year-old Chris Thompson and his friends were using Tannerite. A combination of substances often referred to as an exploding target. It's a legal substance generally used for shooting practice. You fire a gun, the bullet hits it, and the packet bursts so you know you've hit your mark.

Thompson said he didn't mean to upset anyone, they were just having fun. He also said he called the sheriff's department to alert them that he would be using the substance.

The boys told News 13 when a deputy tracked them down today, he said he had never heard of Tannerite. The deputy said it won't be legal after the next county commission meeting.

By Ashlea Surles
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Boom Mystery Solved

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