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Bus Passenger Attacked

Updated: Friday, April 5 2013, 07:36 AM EDT
An Arden man speaks out against the men he says targeted his son, who has autism.

Kevin Edwards' father says the attack happened Monday, the start of Autism Awareness Month, as his son was getting off an Asheville City bus.

He says two men "jumped him", punching him in the face and nearly knocking him out.

They wanted his iPod but were chased away by witnesses.

Edwards says the suspects did run off with a gold chain that belonged to his girlfriend's mother, who recently passed away.

Edwards father, Will Rucker, says the attack that left his son scratched, bruised, and bleeding, "soon as he stepped off the bus, that's the last thing he remembered."

The 26 year-old remembers talking to two men during his ride to the Asheville mall, "I remember getting off the bus with my friend... Getting off at the cookout... I got blind-sided. Then when I got blindsided I got knocked out."

Others, at the bus stop came to the rescue, but the suspects took off.
Police are looking at surveillance video from the bus to identify the men responsible.

Story by John Le
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