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Drunk Driving Reenactment

Updated: Thursday, April 25 2013, 03:54 PM EDT
A scary scene today at Madison High, sending shock-waves through the school.

A deadly crash unfolded in the school parking lot.

Thankfully, this wasn't real, just a drunk driving demonstration.

It was part of the school's prom promise, something they hope has "shock value" as students prepare for tomorrow night's prom.

Buddy Franklin, Madison High senior, "it was really touchy there, it made you feel like it may actually happen if you do choose to drink and drive."

Shelby Reynolds, Madison High senior, "it definitely made me think.  Cause I've always heard my friends talk about going to an after party and I'm very conservative and I always worry about them, so it made me think of all my friends.  But I think it might change their minds."

Madison County's emergency services set up the scary dramatization hoping they aren't called out to the real thing.Drunk Driving Reenactment

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