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Early Spring Snow

Updated: Thursday, March 21 2013, 01:50 PM EDT

Spring arrived with snow and bitter cold temperatures.

The icy blast caused school delays and has gardeners worried about the damage in their backyards.

Upper elevations saw several inches, with less than an inch falling in the Weaverville area.

However, it's the cold that sent a shiver through anyone who had planted anything this month.

The ice this morning was bonded to everything except the roads most of which stayed clear overnight.

The snow frosted shrubs, creating a winter scene on the first full day of spring.

Tender plants inside the greenhouses in Weaverville needed a heater to keep them above freezing as the temperature dipped to 19-degrees.

Nursery owners say people who planted some flowers and vegetables during the warm weather last week are paying the price if they didn't cover them up.

David Penland, nursery owner, "my advice would be to select plants that can tolerate the cool like the pansies, we're still okay for those, and they look great, they'll tend to fade when the weather gets hot, so perhaps the best thing to do is to select some early spring plants and then just know you might transition to summer annuals after the frost days are past."

That raises the question of when frost days are truly past us here in the mountains.

Some warn that frost can happen as late as April, but other experts say for tender vegetable plants and flower, wait until Mothers Day each year.

Early Spring Snow

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