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Exercise & Nutrition Apps

Updated: Tuesday, March 26 2013, 08:08 AM EDT
March is national nutrition month.  So if you've broken that new year's resolution to eat healthier, now is the perfect time to get back on track.

Clint Mosley from US Cellular joined us this morning with some great exercise and nutrition apps that can help.

Mobile devices can make your life simpler and easier by helping to track calories, create workout routines and access nutritional recipes right from the palm of your hand.

Apps to Help:

  • Fooducate lets you scan product barcodes to pull up nutritional information, product reviews and suggestions for healthier alternatives. Simply scanning a bar code is much easier than doing loads of research and trying to find healthier alternatives on your own.
  • Noom Weight Loss features a personalized weight loss plan, daily weight loss tasks, food logging and exercise tracking. You also get a daily Noom score and a logbook to help users track workouts, meals and weight loss.
  • With MyFitnessPal you can track calorie intake, fitness activity and weight loss progress. Have your family members and friends download and join so you can be held accountable for each day’s calorie goals.
  • Workout Trainer features talking coaches, instructional photos and videos, complete programs for fitness goals and create-your-own workout options. You can also create a workout schedule, set reminder alerts and share your workouts to social networks.
Exercise & Nutrition Apps

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