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Fire Chief Investigation

Updated: Wednesday, February 27 2013, 08:31 PM EST

Weaverville town officials have put their fire chief on unpaid leave. The town manager says Chief Jeff Hooper is still an employee of the Weaverville Fire Department, but he says he cannot discuss why the action was taken against Hooper.    

A resident says it may have been because of his complaint. John Young’s house is less than a block away from the town hall. Young says when he called 911 for a medical emergency involving his wife, the Weaverville Fire Department’s first responder couldn’t find his house. Young says the emergency vehicle raced by his house without stopping.

An ambulance from the Reems Creek Fire Department five miles away arrived and took his wife to the hospital. She recovered and is doing well.

Young complained about the incident at a town council meeting Monday. Tuesday morning, Hooper was placed on unpaid leave.

The town manager says he is conducting an internal investigation that does not involve law enforcement.

By Sherrill Barber
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Fire Chief Investigation

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