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*Freeze Warning from Midnight until 9AM Thursday for all the WNC Mtns & Foothills, along with much of the Upstate.

*Frost Advisory from Midnight until 9AM Thursday for NE Georgia and the Western Upstate


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Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Updated: Friday, January 4 2013, 07:12 AM EST

Winter may be cold and sometimes unpleasant for you. But for the car and the house, it's the most damaging season of the year.

If you don't park under an awning, odds are pretty good you may get some good dinks in the paint job.  If you're driving even in the days afterward a snow storm, the salt that'll likely be going on the roads could get kicked up under your car and eroding things like your breaks.

Make sure you're full on antifreeze. Also, let some air out of your tires to give you better traction when you know you'll be on slick winter roads.

Another very easy thing you can do for your car in the winter is to start it up and let the engine warm up for at least a couple of minutes before pulling out.

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Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

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