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Hominy Creek Fuel Spill Update

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 07:22 PM EST
New information tonight on last week's fuel spill from Hominy Creek in Buncombe County. Sources tell News 13, five hours passed before cleanup crews took measures to protect area rivers.

Today, five days after the spill, you can still smell fuel at the creek. New information obtained today shows that if crews responded to the cleanup faster, the fuel may not have reached that far down stream.

Nearly 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from an above gallon storage tank at a facility off Smoky Park Highway owned by APCA-Harrison, a road construction company.

Five days later and level's aren't down, but up according to French Broad Riverkeeper, Hartwell Carson.

The recent rain may be to blame, but Hartwell says it was a delay in cleanup efforts that need to be highlighted.

News 13 spoke to the Buncombe County fire marshal Terri Gentry who says it wasn't till Enka Fire crews responded to complains of a fuel smell at an area soccer complex that steps to protect the river began.

The spill reportedly started around 1:30pm but no booms were placed in the river until at least 6:3pm Friday night Gentry says. That gave the fuel at least five hours to travel downstream.

NC DENR says they are still monitoring the spill. They say there may be fines coming for the company from DENR itself or the EPA, but it is too early to say when or if that might happen.

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