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Ice House Security

Updated: Thursday, January 10 2013, 07:56 AM EST

The City of Asheville is moving forward with tearing down a haven for the homeless and has a plan to keep it safe in the meantime.

Asheville Police have moved a trailer onto the Ice House property in the River Arts District to serve as a place for officers to maintain watch. The city wants to keep everyone out because it's hazardous inside. Fire is a big concern.

That's welcome news to the business that sits next to the Ice House. Darren Green of the Old Wood Company has built a successful business of taking reclaimed wood and turning it into new furniture. His investment is a big one that he wants to remain safe. Just last fall, a man was murdered next door at the old Ice House while his business was having a party. Green would like to see a visitors center built on the lot. He wants visitors to learn about the artists who work in the River Arts District and purchase their work.

Asheville City Council voted Tuesday to tear down the Ice House, with the exception of the old smokestack. While those plans are being firmed up, the police department has put a trailer on the property to serve as a workspace while they keep an eye on the place.

By Russ Bowen
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Ice House Security

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