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Juror Speaks About Glover Mistrial

Updated: Tuesday, March 26 2013, 03:18 PM EDT
After two emotional weeks of trial, it was now the jury's job to give an answer: was Misty Carter's boyfriend, Jermaine Glover guilty in her murder?

"I think everyone that was there would have liked to have been somewhere else," said juror Colin Thomas of the deliberations that went on for two and half days.

The crime was brutal; 21-year-old Carter, pregnant, found dead with her body still burning and a chop wound to her head on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The jury saw graphic photos, and listened to tearful testimony for days and Thomas said, at points for some jurors, deliberation over the verdict became emotional too.

"We felt very much like we had an obligation to the victim and her family to find out who did this, but we also had an obligation to the defendant," said Thomas.

On Friday the judge declared a mistrial; the jury of twelve split four ways - two said innocent, two said it was second degree murder - not premeditated, so not first degree - four said guilty, and four - including Thomas - said not guilty due to lack of evidence.

"If you'd have had a murder weapon or a confession, that would have made it simple," said Thomas.

But it was complex because, Thomas says, there wasn't enough evidence. It had to be unanimous and for too many jurors, too many questions were unanswered; what was the weapon and where did the murder happen?

"There was a lot of evidence in and around but we could never agree even where she was killed," said Thomas. "You could make up a scenario and all the pieces of the puzzle fit, but you could also make up a scenario where he didn't do it and all the pieces of the puzzle also pretty much fit."

Glover remains in jail on $1 million and the first degree murder charges have not been dropped.

District Attorney Jeff Hunt told News 13 that the state allows prosecutors to take "a reasonable amount of time" to plan a retrial.

“We are evaluating what caused the jury’s hesitation to reach a verdict,” said Hunt.Juror Speaks About Glover Mistrial

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